Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scent of a Woman

So, I have off and on worn different fragrances without really being loyal to any one. I received a bottle of CK One after house sitting for a nice couple, as payment. I think the bottle was pretty expensive at the time. That was when I first met my husband and we were dating. I never wore it consistently, and would alternate with other scents. I don’t really like flowery perfumes, they never seemed right on me. Musks are better, or fruity, spicy scents. So, I had a lot of cheap spritzers you can get at a drugstore.

A few years back, I decided to get a few samples of perfume after reading a blog about perfumes. It talked about finding a signature scent, and how, when you find the one for you, it can be a calling card of sorts. It can draw people to you and implant your impression on their mind with a special kind of memory. The kind that is recalled when they catch your scent, either from something similar on the breeze, or when your scent is left on a piece of clothing, like when you have hugged someone. If you have given a pleasant impression, it can bring a smile to their face as they remember you. Scent can be a powerful recall for a memory, use it wisely.

So, after years of casually trying out different perfumes, I finally found my signature scent. It is Cappuccino with Panna by Eau De Vie. It has a sugary vanilla scent with a hint of coffee and cream that seems very attractive to a lot of people. I haven’t had a negative reaction to it yet. A girlfriend hugged me after a joint victory while playing Rock Band and she exclaimed, "Wow! You smell great!". I noticed a few guy friends leaning closer and my husband nuzzling into my neck more often. My sons happily sniff me and tell me I smell yummy, which is my favorite compliment. So, that is currently, and possibly forever my signature scent. Of course, our body chemistry changes with time, so I may end up with something else, but until then, this is the one for me. I have only changed it, just for something different, to Pink Sugar by Aquolina, which is again, a sugary scent. Not sweet, but like cotton candy has a toasted sugar smell. My boys love this one as well. They tell me I smell like candy. Hey, how can you go wrong, by smelling "tasty"?

Originally I bought the perfume from Sephora, but when I went to reorder, "GASP!" it was no longer being made!! So, I bought the last five on eBay and use it sparingly. I love Sephora because you get free samples of your choosing with every order. This has given me the opportunity to try new products/perfumes and find favorites. I suppose this was a totally girly blog post, just don’t expect too many like this. I guess I have gotten a little soft over time, when it comes to wanting to look and smell pretty. I am sure my husband appreciates it though, and I know my kids do.

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