Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Nearness of Baby

I wish that I had known about baby wearing with my first two. How much easier my life would have been and our bond, so much closer! "What is baby wearing?" you ask. Let me enlighten you to my enjoyment of this practice!

Now, with my first two, they were barely 11mos apart, making it a lot like tending to twins. My first was very colicky and I think if I had a wrap to wear him, he would have been less so. Then, when I had my second, I could have had more options for interacting with both at the same time. With my newest baby, I am so much more able to get things done and stay on top of housework and staying active with the older boys.

I knew I wanted some sort of carrier, but everything that I saw looked so uncomfortable or was terribly expensive. Then, I sort of stumbled onto the Moby Wrap. This is such a great product, and much more affordable than anything else. Still, when I looked at it, I thought, "This is so simple, why couldn't I make my own?" So I started searching online and found that it was all in the type of fabric and length. I am very limited in my sewing capability too. So, it needed to be a "no sew" project. This is how I did it!

I went to Joanne's fabric store and found the color I wanted in a cotton/jersey fabric. This seems to be the best fabric because it is soft, and has enough give in it to make it comfortable to wear.
  • I took the whole bolt and unrolled it to 6 yards. Depending on how big around you are, you should get 5-7yards of fabric.
  • After cutting the length, unfold the fabric (it is usually folded in half before being rolled up) and cut down the length of the seam. You now have two wraps!
  • If you were to look at a Moby, it is tapered at the ends to make tying it easier. I did this later on and it did make the tie less bulky.
So, I had bought my fabric during a 50% off sale and ended up with two wraps for $24. Not bad! I go to the Moby site for the wrapping instructions. They even have videos, which can be easier to follow than pictures.

I love wearing Lachlan. I cook and bake with him. Go for walks, and even exercise with him. I think I walk more, because it is so much easier and cozier than toting a car seat or the distance of a stroller. He has had reflux issues and being held upright more, has contributed to less spitting up and fussiness. There are so many options too for positions of the wrap. I usually wear him in a basic hold, but loved the kangaroo hold when he was tiny. I am looking forward to wearing him on my back when he gets older.

I plan on writing a little more on this. So stay tuned. Gotta run though! He is stirring and rubbing his face into me, so it's time to feed him.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm so impressed! And such precious photos!!!


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