My Photography

I am an accidental artist. I see something in my mind and try to recreate it with what would seem to be the logical way to produce the affect I imagined. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I am so pleased when it turns out though. So, I thought I would share!


"Spent Wishes"
"Snake Grass"
"Roadside Rose"

"Littlest Mushroom"

"Dew Drops to Heaven"

Some of my images are featured on everything from postcards, prints to calendars. If you're interested, click on the link:

In The Garden...

I have been doing more digital photo manipulation with pictures of my kids, family and friends. Here are a few of those:


Octopus Caught by My Son Being Prepared For Dinner


My son Connor in Petersburg, AK

My Husband and I: "Guns&Religion Clinging Gothic"

Past Musings You Might Ponder

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