My Artwork

After working in an art gallery for a while, I became inspired by the local artists. I have doodled here and there and played around with paint, but never did it seriously thinking anyone would appreciate it. I finally started really painting when my husband bought me an easle, canvas and paints. Here are a few bits from my small (but still growing) collection. Check back often, as I will add more as I scan them in. If you are interested in more and maybe purchasing any designs, then visit my online gallery at Zazzle called: "Raven Inspired Designs"

note: these are portions of larger images. I wanted to protect the larger design from being stolen. Many of these are on various products in my gallery. If there are any designs you want on a specific product not already created, message me with the name of the design and what you would like to see it on and I'll see what I can do!

"Self Portrait 1993"
pencil sketch done in art class when I was in high school.

portion of watercolor titled: "Common Dragons"

portion of watercolor called "Hide and Seek"

UDATE 2015
I began dabbling in digital art and have created political memes as well as 
making fantasy images from pictures of friends.

Past Musings You Might Ponder

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