Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Treading Water

Drowning In Debt & the Sharks Start To Circle
I know we aren't alone, as we desperately tread water, coughing and sputtering from a wave or two along the way. We are adrift in a financial sea that threatens to steal our joy, every month. We forget for a while when we catch some calm from a little extra money from a side job, or from me being able to play the coupon game successfully from time to time. Our kids are very good at distracting us from the gloom, but it is a real struggle not to succumb to the despair.

Giving To Others: The Ultimate Reward
Winning the Lottery or some other sweepstakes would be SUCH a blessing (BTW we do NOT play the lottery, that would be foolish and a waste of money)! We imagine, getting completely out of debt, putting money away for each of the kids for education or their first home. We think of all the people we want to bless who helped us along the way: our parents, a few key friends, and our church. Then, a car that isn't about to fall apart, a truck for Chad to use for work and a home of our own, FINALLY! Then, the rest away to be doled out to charities and help others over time as well as keep us comfortable. No. No mansions or boats or excessive toys. Just to finally be able to return the favor and bless others would be huge for us. Give back. If we could figure out how to invest wisely, we could bless many for a long time!

See, right now it feels real hopeless at times. We do okay for a while, then something happens and we are at rock bottom again. Someone backs their rig into my parked car, smashing the front and side of the driver's side. Then don't bother to leave their info. Having to rent a car while it was fixed, the total was almost $400. Or, I get sick enough to need medical attention, and being uninsured, it's $300 just to be seen for 15 min to swab my throat that looks worse than ground hamburger to confirm it's strep. It never seems to really end, at least not for long. I am tired of telling the kids, "No, we don't have enough money to do that." when they ask if we can go to the book sale, or bake sale at school. I wish we could just catch a break for once.

The IRS has us in their grasp and, as I've been told by a CTP (certified tax preparer), "The days of the kindler, gentler IRS are over. They want their money and don't care about your situation." Apparently, though they will still take the $150 application processing fee, and happily, they won't tell you that you are guaranteed a no. I was told by the CTP that he was told by the IRS and other CTPs, that they aren't advertising it, but they do NOT do Offers and Compromises anymore. They need money to fund the gross financial mishandling this new administration is infamous for and do NOT care that the rest of the country is bleeding out financially. So, if you are considering some tax company you've seen on tv to help you with such a process, don't bother.

But what can we do against the destructive gobbling machine of greed that our government has become? What is the recourse for so many who are floundering despite following the directions as best as the could? We always filed our taxes and never hid anything. I was told to stay in contact with the IRS and they would work with us, but all it seemed to do, was help them keep tabs so they could obliterate us on a whim. I would tell them how we couldn't make a payment because no money was coming in... and was told to sell our only car that was used to get to work, get groceries and take our kids to school. I feel vulnerable and ruined. I never knew how little our government really cared about us, "We the People". We are taxed, over and over. Sucked dry of our hard labor and then we can watch our money go to drug addicts and lazy good for nothings who have learned to work the system, because the system doesn't bother with drug testing or check ups to make sure the people getting assistance are truly needy and actually making attempts to better their lives.

I am. So very tired of it all. I want to be done with this debt. I never wish to be in the clutches of greedy government men, who golf and fly to Paris with their wives on MY DIME, while our military men suffer in poverty at home and are abandoned overseas in wars we don't belong in. I am sick of nursing an aging car, praying for it to last for years because even a used car is too expensive, while fat government cats fly in jets, take limos or can choose from a fleet of brand new top of the line autos ON MY DIME. I'm tired of telling my kids, "We can't, because it's too expensive." when they want to buy a present for a friend's birthday party. Here's an idea: Drastically cut the salaries of all government political employees! WHO THE HECK needs $400,000/a year and benefits and paid vacations while the rest of the country struggles to pay basic medical care or goes without??? Ahem... Mr. President? Would you please step up? No? hm...

Faith In Basic Humanity Is Gone

I haven't written in a while. Not because there is a lack of what to talk about, but because so much is happening in our world. It at times feels like everything is falling apart. My husband and I look at each other just perplexed at how far off track our country has gone, and wonder why our President seems so oblivious to it all. He flits off for another round of golf, or takes date nights on the tax payer's dime. All told, since he took office he has been on vacation 26% of the time he has occupied the White House. This does not count the holidays and weekends that are family "non-working" days. Now we are at war, YES I SAID WAR. I don't buy the new vocabulary "kinetic military action", much like I didn't take the bs change of vocabulary from acts of terrorism to "man made disasters". Where is our leader? Out golfing. Why are we helping people we fought in Iraq? Why are we supplying guns and ammo to a group that is too stupid to conserve their ammo and shoot in the air all the time??

I don't understand our country anymore. Sex is now just an empty thing thanks to the porn industry and ever increasingly sexualized media. It is no longer a beautiful event between two loving partners that brings forth life. No! If you find yourself pregnant, it is considered a burden. Punishment. A baby is now the same as having an STD.
“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.” - Obama
The family unit is devalued at every angle. Women are told that you cannot find fulfillment unless you work outside the home. Abandon your children (if you were too stupid to kill them first), and heck, let your husband have an affair because studies now show that infidelity is "healthy"? WHAT?? Yes, THIS (click on highlighted wording for more info) insanity is touted by a psychologist as good for women.

I am uncertain of the world my boys will be adults in. It terrifies me, how far from faith and love our country has run from. It seemed, for a time that there was so much possible. Civil rights were really making gains. People were more accepting of others. More forgiving. People stood up for others and protected each other. Now, people stand around and will watch a pregnant girl and her boyfriend get beat up by a group of thuggish girls. No one says a word.

Security guards stand slack jawed as a girl is beaten to a pulp by yet another group of "girls" and I use the term girls loosely because women and girls should NEVER act this way!
I just don't have any faith in humanity anymore. I see union bosses calling for violence in the streets to get their way. I hear politicians advocating the violence. Our own President telling the youth of Egypt to rise up, then sits back and watches the violence spread. "NOTHING comes from violence, NOTHING ever could" to quote Sting.

Could it be, that it is too late now. Too late to turn back the tides of division and destruction? I am afraid it may be. What can anyone do to protect the ones they love? I think, if enough of us live as true as we can and love our children deeply and do our best to earnestly teach them to love, and respect all life. Instruct the young to strive for the very best in themselves and each other. Mercy, and charity have been forgotten and need to be rediscovered. This society is rotten to the core and will collapse. Just you wait. Life cannot be sustained in any kind of quality, when charity, mercy, respect and love for life are abandoned. We sacrifice children at the alter of vanity and selfish desire. Do we dare to believe that we will continue our barbaric ways without retribution? Look back on all the empires that fell at what seemed to be the height of their success. They were fraught with debauchery, murder and greed. We are no better than the Romans killing, binging and having sex with anyone and anything.

What will you do to keep the bloody tide from reaching YOUR door? Will you gather your courage and speak out? Will you become more diligent in teaching your family the values our country has abandoned? I hope so. I hope more will do so. Because as long as no one even tries to slow this train down, our end will come much sooner than anyone expects.

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