Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Season Is Upon Us! (Gird your loins!)

I am off and on going through spasms of the nesting phase. As in tearing the entire classroom apart and being up until 4am putting it back together. I've rearrange/reorganized and luckily got my kids to assist in getting both their rooms in order. Their bathroom is less... boy (read: sticky, dirty, and unhygienic). The floors have been swept and mopped after patiently waiting for the chaos of tree placement was through. Oh, and I have to mention, that for men, there seems to be a need to buy a tree that fills the living room. So, being as we have 11ft vaulted ceilings, that meant we HAD to have a 10 1/2ft tree. *sigh*

You would think, wow that's a lot! Put your feet up and take a load off! Uhm, much as I would like to, I just can't. Because the laundry that is currently in organized piles overtaking my bedroom has to be finished while simultaneously continuing to pile up in the dirty section to be done. Which reminds me, my room. Uhg. It neeeeds to be cleaned. As does our bathroom (halfway there!). Also, the kitchen is a disaster. All the while I am trying to keep up with lessons (homeschool, I know: crazy), and was mad enough to sign the kids up for two hour art classes (Santa's Workshop at the Stumptown Art Studio). Which is great but sucks out about 3hrs of day time I could get other things done.

My husband's family will be arriving Saturday, which is fantastic, but so much pressure to get my house in order and find peace amidst the chaos. Pregnancy cravings, being simultaneously tired and suffering from insomnia haven't helped me attain peace of mind either.

So, this is why the long absence, though I hope to get a few postings in with pictures, more than I have lately. Tell me... how do other moms do it? And by that I mean, do it without all their hair falling or being pulled out? How do you not end up baying at the moon and rending your clothes? Gah! It's 4am again! Zombie school will be in session in a few hours. Class? Behave! Raise your hands so I can nibble on them... muhahahahaaa... oh goodness I need sleep!

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