Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Bell #4

Yes, you read that title correctly. We are now expecting another baby in May 2012. Surprised? We were a little, but not really. We have been using Natural Family Planning since having Lachlan and the month we conceived, my husband and I had sort of playing this "should we or shouldn't we" game. My cycle had been a little wonky end of July and into August, so I think it was a combination of playing Russian Roulette (so to speak) and that, that created this pleasant surprise.

My husband was a little surprised, but happy and said, "Well, we did want to try for a girl one last time." Speaking of gender, I searched online for various ways to up the possibility for a girl as well and gender predictors. Through a fertility clinic I found a link to a fertility  doctor's suggestions on how to conceive a girl. I found that our guessed conception time/method indicated a high result for girl. Also,  a Chinese birth calendar used for centuries with a 97% accuracy rate, also indicated a girl for us. So maybe this is finally it! After three fantastic boys, I will get a girl. Of course, she will most likely be rough and tumble just like her brothers, so girly isn't expected. I've also been made to promise that no Barbies will be purchased or accepted for this potential girls (by the men of the house), but that isn't a promise I will find hard to keep, since I abhor the idea of Barbie and all the concepts she embodies.

So, we are all freshly excited by the news. We decided to share our news with the grandparents, on Grandparent's Day. My hubby called his parents and had the kids share the news, as well as a package of cards for the occasion were sent. For my parents, a similar package of cards was hand delivered, along with a game for the kids to play. We didn't tell them, but I put two betting tickets (originally for a horse race) I photoshopped to make them gender betting tickets, in one card. They were pretty slow to pick up on it, but as the gears started turning, the kids couldn't stand it anymore and yelled "We're having another baby!" to which my mom almost dropped the fish she was pulling out of the oven, and squealed with glee.
It will be so nice to be closer to family and I am hoping some of my husband's family will be able to visit near the birth date. So, I am looking forward to another blessing and praying for God to help me grow in my ability to homeschool and raise my kids, while tending to another baby and toddler. All things are possible through Him!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Homeschooling In Full Swing!

 I have thrown myself into homeschooling and am up to my eyeballs in worksheets, coloring page printouts and scheduling. On top of that, I am trying (not really succeeding either) to stay on top of housework. Good gravy! Sometimes I think,
"What on earth have I gotten myself into!"
However, I am convinced that this is better. They are learning about things that have been forgotten in public school (God and country; respect; honor) and I am making sure they read classic children's books. This week is Roald Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach", in honor of Mr. Dahl's birthday, which was on Tuesday. We will be watching the movie on Friday or Saturday, when we finish the book.

I created a blog to follow our homeschooling activities and I have a lot of resources listed there. So, pop on over to the MT Bell Elementary blog and take a gander. I might be over there most of the time for the duration of school. Please comment, I appreciate the feedback (as long as it's constructive and not insulting), and rate. Wish us luck on this educational journey! I know I'm going to need it! haha

Thanks for following!

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