Saturday, April 30, 2011

Biological Warfare: Alaskan Style

Ah... navigating the treacherous journey of being a mother to boys.

We live in a really great neighborhood, at the end of a culdesac. There is only one other little boy, but he is younger than mine and has an early curfew. So when my boys go out to play, they play with a great group of rough and tumble girls. Three total.

I was tidying up and playing with my baby, when I hear a knock on the door. This usually means one of the girls with a report about one or both of the boys being less than careful in their play. So, I open the door and here are two of the girls, solemn faced and fidgety.

Brunette: "Mrs. Bell? Uhm.. Connor is uuhmmm... throwing moose turds.... at my head."
Blonde: "Uh HUH!" (eyes all wide and concerned)

This is one of those tricky moments, where you have to be serious too, and not lose it laughing at the hilarity of it all.
nature's grenades
Me: (barely stifling a giggle) "Weeellll.... that's not very nice, but moose just eat grass, sticks and bark.. so it's not like dog poop. It's pretty harmless."
Brunette: (pulling the big sad eyes on me) "But moose turds are hard. So it hurt... and it was right at my head!"

When I got to the bottom of it all, they were playing "war" and throwing "stuff" at each other, like sticks and dirt clods. Then Connor and another little girl, started throwing the ample moose turds at everyone. So, since it was late already, I gave a diplomatic warning to everyone that no one should be throwing anything at anyone. Then told the boys it was time to call it a night.
So, my boys were pulled from their play, for engaging in biological warfare, of the moosey kind. I'm still giggling over it.


Anonymous said...

I snorted orange juice through my nose reading this and it hurt tremendously. I am greatly amused by this and wonder how my son will engage in warfare play when he is older (especially since my husband is a soldier). One cannot underestimate the power of imagination - who else other than a boy would actually find moose turds appealing to play with? Haha!

AlaskanBelle said...

I'm so glad you commented, sorry it was possibly painful? LOL I never would have imagined moose turds being a source of imaginary play, but I guess that is a wonder of childhood. We stuffy adults just have to shrug, learn to laugh and let it roll (pun intended) haha.

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