Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things We'll Miss

If you missed any part of this ongoing story, go back to "Another Door Opens" to start from the beginning.

So, we are just a short four days from our move to Montana. The computer will get packed up this evening or early tomorrow. So, I might not be able to post any updates until our household arrives in our new place. We are getting a Uhaul and then putting it on the barge to Seattle. It takes up to fourteen days to get there and then my husband will have to go get it and drive it back. I might get a chance for a few mini updates via the library or my mom's computer. However, you can Follow AlaskanBelle77 on Twitter, as that is an easy way to send short updates.

My last post is dedicated to some of the things we'll miss when we move. So let's get started...
  1. FRIENDS! Oh we have made many wonderful friends and all of them will be missed so much!! Thankfully we have Facebook, email, blogs and letter writing at our disposal. I will do my best on this side to stay in touch. Promise!
  2. Soldotna Bible Chapel. I have never met a more loving and accepting church family that has a heart for it's community and follow God's calling to be in service to the people within that community. We were led to that church by God and were blessed over and over with each person/family we met. We will miss everyone dearly!
  3. The community of Soldotna, AK. What a great place to raise a family! We felt like we were home the moment we reached city limits. The city and people have done such a good job making sure that it was a family friendly town and it shows. So many activities all year 'round that you could wear yourself out trying to take part in it all. Our kids saw so many parades and fairs every single year. The schools (specifically Redoubt Elementary) are so great, and even if public school isn't your thing, this area is welcoming and supportive of homeschoolers. If we ever moved again, this would be the place, if God wills it!
  4. The Moose Is Loose Bakery. Such wonderful baked goods that are heaven on the tongue! Not just sweet fresh donuts, cakes and cookies, but also amazing breads, and rolls. If ever you get the chance, just passing through or visiting, you HAVE TO go there and have something sweet from this spot. The ladies that work here are lovely and smiley too!
  5. The Kenai River. A beautiful treasure. The entire Kenai area protects this valuable resource and works hard to keep it healthy and clean.
  6. Alaska. Oh, this great wild state that has been consistently under appreciated and dismissed by uppity up city dwellers and politicians. It's vastness is under estimated and played down by so many. It is both wild and magical in it's people, history and beauty. If you haven't visited yet, put it down on your bucket list (the top ten!) and get here!!
  7. The Annual PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend). I can't lie. Having that little boost of cash near the end of the year was a blessing. When times were tough, it got us through. It helped pay bills and pay down debt. It enabled us to give our kids the kind of Christmases they deserved when we didn't think we would be able to afford it. It will be missed!
There is more, but if I went into detail, this post would go on and on and I still have some packing and cleaning to do. I hope, you will subscribe so you can see all the great updates on our adventures in Montana. I'll be posting pictures as we develop the farm and get animals. Our kids are giddy with excitement and can hardly stand the wait. My parents are itchy to hold grandkids in their arms. Farewell to all our friends and family here in the great north. Farewell to the freedom and fierce fighting spirit of independence that this state holds. We travel south to Alaska's cousin, Montana. Similarly beautiful and strong, just a little more tame and settled. Ready or not.... Here we come!

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