Friday, April 01, 2011

Fresh Outlook

With my 6 yo being Type I Diabetic, life can be pretty hectic. Especially when you throw in the fact that I am as well. Managing a chronic disease is really hard, but in the end can be rewarding when you meet others working through the same stuff.

Tonight, I met three amazing moms and some of their kids at the first gathering for Parents of Type I Diabetic Children. One of the moms was even in the same boat as me. She's Type I Diabetic too, with a 16 yo daughter struggling with coming to terms with her disease. It was so great to commiserate and offer each other inspiration, and the hope of better things to come. Our host was a wonderful woman named Ruth Clare, who is a diabetic educator in our hospital. She also helps with the diabetic camp I am hoping Connor will go to this summer.
The kids got along really great and we all had a moment to laugh and share stories. We brainstormed about different things we want from the group and what we would love to see happen. I put forth that we should have a blog for our local group. So, I am going to work on putting one together that will have all of us putting in info and sharing ideas and just how we are managing our lives. It's hard to get together when life is so hectic, so I thought it would be another great outlet and help us work around each other's schedules so we can meet, while maybe attracting more locals to come to our meetings. Who knows, maybe a famous diabetic would be interested in speaking to our group? That would be awesome!

So, I have a fresh new zeal for getting more social with folks who share a common goal: our children's health. Be on the lookout for another blog about parenting and diabetic kids!

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