Friday, July 16, 2010

Hopeful Author

My first artistic leanings, began when I was very young, but of course, telling stories is the talent of many children. I drew comic strips and created story books both writing the story line and drawing the art. I still have some of my early scratchings and cringe a little at what I found funny, but it's good to look back and see how my art has developed.

Cheerios was running a contest for unpublished authors and the winner would have their book published especially to be placed in boxes of Cheerios. The project is called "Spoonfuls of Stories" and I just squeaked an entry in. I have my fingers crossed, hoping they like my story. Wouldn't it be neat to win?

The story came about from silly monster names the kids and I came up with, as their alter egos. I then created a story around these two characters, with suggestions by them and then drew the monsters with the thought, that I would have one printed up when I eventually finished the illustrations. It was just for them. When I noticed the contest, I immediately remembered the story. It was only about 160 words and since the limit was 500, I thought I should add to it. I almost doubled the words and hope that it tickles the judges. I wrote it, with Dr. Seuss in mind. I'm sharing it with you now, and hope you can give me a friendly critique.

"Wiggidy-Woo & Buggidy-Boo"
written and illustrated by Laurie Bell

Wiggidy-Woo and Buggidy-Boo, two silly monsters are they.
They sneak and they snork, and they chew on their forks.
A monstrous couple, night and day!

One day, Woo said to Boo, "I think we two, should visit our friends of the North!"

So they boarded a plane, being careful to check, their baggage of monster stuff.

When they got to their destination, they were greeted with elation, by their friends:
Blik and Flik, Muck and Blek, The Goon Sisters and The Brothers Gore.
But the fun was short lived, as they wore out their welcome, because monsters don't make, good house guests.

So Wiggidy-Woo and Buggidy-Boo, returned home, after only four days.
When the memories would fade, at the pictures they would gaze, and remember their visit again.

Oh, the fun they did have, playing games and being bad, at the expense of all those around them!

They always would ponder, wonder and wander, in their thoughts, as to why the fun had to end.
They couldn't understand, how the mommies and dads, didn't want them around much, much longer!
"Could it be?" wondered Woo, "My peanut and jelly, fingerprints all over the walls?"
"Wouldn't be..." pondered Boo, "The toothpaste goobers, I drooled in the hair of the dolls?"

No, they didn't quite get it, the word "Etiquette", and how important it was to be polite. So they always had to find, new friends to visit, and never stayed the same place twice.
So, Look out!

Because Wiggidy-Woo and Buggidy-Boo, those silly, sneaky and snorking monsters, may someday soon... come... and visit you!
Then, what on EARTH would you do!?

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