Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can Good Friday and Easter Rock? Yes!

I am super stoked for both Good Friday and Easter this year. Why? Because we have the most dynamic pastor ever! Listening to him speak brings the word alive. He speaks with an energy, enthusiasm and emotion that is evidence of his trust and absolute belief in what he is speaking. There have been numerous times when I have felt God's presence and the Holy Spirit when he is delivering his message. So, to hear him speak for Good Friday and Easter Service is going to be even more exciting because it is always an outreach to the lost. There is more fervor and passion when winning souls. It fires me up to continue to witness and try to get people into the church.

Now, why are these two events going to rock? Thousand Foot Krutch is going to be headlining the Good Friday event and Phil Wickham will be there for Easter. Amazing artists that will deliver powerful performances. I can't wait! If you are local, come! You will not be disappointed, and who can pass up a free concert??? If you aren't local, you can join us live (the events will be archived later as well) online. Good Friday will be through the Skull Church website and Easter through the Fresh Life Church website. Do NOT miss this!

Watch this promo to see what you are looking forward to!...

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