Friday, March 15, 2013

Passover: Celebrating With God's People

As a Christian, who holds God's people deeply in my heart, I have always stood in support of Israel. Anyone with any reading skills, knows that history supports Israel as well. Only those who are blind, deaf and dumb, either physically, spiritually or politically (or all three at once), would argue against the fact that Israel is a peaceful nation, who gives an open and accepting place to live for people who would otherwise be shunned (at the least), or outright murdered for their beliefs or desire for basic freedoms. I am always shocked and utterly confused by Hollywood's staunch support of the Palestinian conflict and terrorist activities when all of Hollywood would be put to the sword for their lifestyles and beliefs... heck, just for the clothes they wear (women).

All that aside, I have grown to love the Hebrew people more and more. My heart goes out to them, for all they have had to endure, and continue to in this time, when there shouldn't be such ugliness for one reason only: Being Jewish.

Well, this year, I am going to attempt to celebrate Passover with my family. I am working out my shopping list for the seder meal and have already discussed the meaning behind much of the symbolism with my children, who are eager to take part. One cute thing worth mentioning... We have the board game Risk, and my children like to take it out, and surround Israel with defending troops and block them from their enemies.

So, I searched online for anything that would help me understand better, the beautiful ritual and how to perform it with reverence. I found the following websites VERY helpful and I think I'll be able to pull it off:

What Is A Seder?

I cannot afford it this year, but perhaps I will be able to save up and have a special Passover set so that we can do this again (in style) the following year. If you are interested, I found some beautiful pieces and an entire set here: Jews For Jesus Store - Everything you need for the Passover

I have made matzo ball soup, and have posted the recipe on this blog (Meichel for the Beichel). I know I'll be making that for the dinner as well. I'm excited to do this and truly will speak with hope in my heart, at the end of the meal, "Next year in Israel!" and be praying for the new Jerusalem to come quickly!

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