Sunday, March 03, 2013

Baby #3 No Longer A Baby...

"Lookit mah button!"
My feisty and independent little ham, Lachlan, turns 3 years old today. He is a challenging little sprite who is mischievous and wild, but a total sweetheart who loves his dog (and she loves him like her own puppy) and keeps me on my toes.

"Zoom Zoom!"
He loves constructions rigs. Specifically "diggers" and dump trucks. He loves trains, especially the train table at the Kalispell Library. He is a daddy's boy all the way and will happily spend hours tinkering around with daddy at the shop. His eyes light up when he hears the 4wheeler start up and he squeals with abandon when riding with daddy.

His brothers adore him, though not when he destroys their lego creations. They sneak him treats, take him on adventures outside, and cuddle with him during movies. Lachlan and Russell (1st born) have a special connection. He has thrown himself between Russell and Connor (2nd born) when they've fought and cries, "Don't hit my Susso!!"

Unimpressed with the Interloper
Lachlan, initially unsure of the new baby, has just begun to bond with Brennen, and will bring him toys, and retrieve his pacifier when it is dropped (Mom! Brennen's nuk!). He was tickled to realize Brennen is a boy, while supervising a diaper change: "Mom, look! Brennen has a baby peepee!" then laughs maniacally.

My third son, who was a joy to bring into this world, and has been so fun to watch grow and become a silly upstart of a little boy. With all your endearing quirks and zeal for life, I am so blessed to be your mother and thank God for your precious soul! On this happy anniversary of the day you were born... Today, we salute you!

Happy Birthday Lachlan!

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