Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wonderful Things To Nosh On

Of course, being pregnant, food is a very important thing. Not just that it is good for me, but that it tastes divine and satiates my cravings. Lately, avocados, artichoke and beets have been heavily represented (low in beta carotene?). So, my search for the perfect dishes featuring these things has been on going.

I found, an amazing little cafe, that could be easily (and tragically) overlooked if you don't take the time to really look for the little gems in a town. This one, is in Columbia Falls, MT inside a little complex of businesses. I ended up there because I was seeing a doctor in the cluster of buildings, and when I was done, I was hungry. I had seen the sign many times we passed, but my husband was always too busy to stop. SO now was my opportunity to check it out!

Walking in, it has a fun modern feel with geometric patterns painted on the walls in soothing earth colors. The kitchen is open so you can see all the action of food being assembled. Photographs and paintings featured are really wonderful (some food themed or landscape) and by the owners. Both owners Jake and Becky Sorensen, work behind the counter and are so very friendly (not surprising in a small town, but so appreciated). They greeted me warmly with a menu and I sat at one of their elegant tables. The sun was shining through the big windows and the feel was just warm, with a touch of adventure as I perused their menu.

My eyes immediately lit on the panini sandwich selection, which had an artichoke version. Wow. It listed in the ingredients: artichoke, braised fennel, Gouda, spinach and I added turkey for just a dollar more. Then, as I scanned further down, in the salad section I was delighted to find two beet salads. One had roasted beets, the other raw. I decided on the one with roasted beets that included spinach, mandarin oranges, arugula, pistachio and pistachio dressing. Little did I realize what a fantastic meal I had ordered. Fresh, and so full of flavor! If I wasn't so stuffed, I would have ordered seconds!

If you are in the area, and I've piqued your interest, do not hesitate to stop in and indulge in such healthy, yet amazingly tasty fair. To top it all off, they have fresh desserts that include, cakes, cookies and truffles. I took home a Wasabi Truffle that my husband declared was, "Weirdly, and fascinatingly good." I agreed by the tiny nibble he gave me. I also took a chocolate chip cookie for the kids, which they told me was made with chunks of the same chocolate they use in making the truffles. The kids, were speechless and quite loving after eating them. I savored for nearly 15 minutes (eating tiny bites), a Rosemary Nut Caramel. It was salty and sweet with a delicate hint of savory. So very good!

For more info, you can find them on their Facebook page:
The Palette Cafe
For an interesting and well written article, check out this write up in
406 Woman Magazine page 42.
Article in 406 Woman Magazine

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