Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Is Too Precious

One topic I feel very passionate about, is abortion. It is a terrible thing in my eyes, for any woman to so disrespect her body's amazing ability to create life, to have so little compassion for another life, the concept is foreign to me. So many have been deceived into believing it is just about their body, and therefore their right to do with it as they please. Yet, on the flip of a coin, you see that a person can be convicted of a double homicide if they kill a pregnant woman. Or if a woman intentionally harms her baby by taking drugs illegally, or paying someone to punch them in the stomach, she can also be charged with attempted murder, child endangerment/abuse or homicide if she succeeds. 
The other thing that I cannot wrap my mind around, is how, delivering all but the baby's head, then severing it's spine so that it dies before the head is removed, how that is not murder. That there seems to be this magic, invisible line between the uterus and outside world that makes it okay to do something so horrific.
Only in our twisted society, do women chant and scream and protest for the right to punish an innocent life, delivering a death sentence to that innocent life, for the crimes of another human who has committed rape. It is no different than carrying out a death sentence on a 3 year old, because his/her father robbed a bank, only, without the benefit of a trial.
I will not be moved from my position as opposed to the death of innocents. I will call it what it is: An abomination. A sickness of the mind. A crime against humanity. ...

At one time, it was legal to own, beat, kill slaves. We call that time in our history a horror. Many still carry around it's shame. The massive destruction of life on the orders of Hitler have been a horror that elicits tears of agonizing horror when touring the National Holocaust Museum in D.C. Now, it is legal to murder babies in the womb. When will we come to our senses and see it for the horror it truly is? The shedding of innocent blood, has cursed our country and we will see the blessings our forefathers partook of, taken from us. Mark my words.
Just a couple guys who know the importance of life and respecting it:

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