Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watching Them Grow

They are growing too fast! I can't keep up!

No, not the weeds in my garden, my boys. If I could go back and soak up a little more time with those chubby faces, I would. Now, I am watching my baby turn into a toddler. He is just so adorable! Seems only yesterday, he was a big roundness in my belly, then a squirming babe in my arms. Now, he is taking off, squealing at the cat and telling daddy (in his own way) not to go. The other day, my dad came over and Lachlan walked up to him, pointed to his eye as he said, "I" and then pointed up to him and said, "See!" Wow. He is growing up too fast!
Lachlan 2010


My older two are no exception. I have been looking at old pictures and getting misty eyed over videos of them when they were tiny. What's a mother to do?

Connor 2004

Finally, my oldest son is becoming too old to hold my hand! We were crossing a street and I held my hand out to him and he says, "Mom! I'm too old to hold your hand! It's embarrassing!" Dash my heart to pieces!! Did he really say, holding my hand was embarrassing? I guess you cannot stop the progression of a growing child. Just hold onto those precious memories fast. Because, before you know it, they are too old to hold onto those apron strings, and it's time to let them go...
Russell 2004

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