Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farm Life

Old buckboard wagon wheel found in the old barn,
now sitting in front of the new homestead.
Much has happened in such a short time!
  • We took the opportunity of a lifetime, to move to Montana and revive the family farm.
  • With the opportunity, came obligations and responsibilities that we are working hard to fulfill.
  • Two new four legged creatures joined our household family, as well as a brood of rapidly growing chickens.
  • Family members not seen for a long time have been embraced again and enjoyed over happy get togethers.
  • Adjustments are still being made and having to be settled with (less income, new worries, etc).
  • New lessons learned, though hard, yet they come with blessings to lessen the pain.
The Old Homestead:
My two older boys looking towards the old homestead.
I haven't had a real good exploration of the farmhouse, barn, and garage, but my dad has told me I need to because there are treasures to be found. Already, my husband found an awesome little trove of antique farm equipment, and the washbasin that we found a picture of my mother and her siblings as babies, bathing in. So much history and my eldest is delighted. He told my dad how much he likes history and old things. He was always more mature than his years when it came to interests.

We now have a kitten named Chloe and a chocolate lab named Cocoa. They were added about a week apart and were born around the same time. They are friends and play, even sleep together! Chloe is already showing she will be a good mouser and Cocoa is good at tracking down stray tomcats and running them off.
Chloe Bell
Cocoa Bell

The Garden:
Chad, planting away last evening.
Our garden is a 40X45' and was put in by Chad's considerable effort and the use of a Kabota tractor. He did such a good job and I am always so proud of how he figures out how to do things better. We are planting all kinds of veggies and herbs. I will post pictures as they sprout up. Our plan is to can and pickle in stages and use as we go as well as sharing with family. We will be more self sufficient as well as providing low cost nutrition to other family members.
My curly redhead, overseeing his daddy's planting.
We need a fence to protect from the many deer on the property, and we're hoping that won't be too expensive. To date we have seen herds of deer (we think there is one of about 15-20 living on the property regularly), a lone reddish fox, and two elk as well as one tom and two hen turkey strutting about as early as last night and this morning. So much wildlife to enjoy!

New Car:
Okay, not so new year wise, but a gas economic Prius.
My grandmother offered me this car in exchange for cleaning and organizing regularly, as well as visiting and cooking a meal or two each visit for her. It's a big deal, because we cannot afford a vehicle right now and since everything is a decent drive away, the fact that it gets 60 mi/gal is impressive. I am grateful and eager to do my best for her and the family. It is a blessing to be in service to another in the name of God and I feel like God called me here for just this purpose.

So blessings abound! There is so much more, but it smells like the herb bread is possibly done baking, and I still need to sweep and mop, and Lachlan is acting suspicious in the corner, like there might be an impending delivery, then I need to water the garden and get to the post office.... OH! So much to be done!

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