Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BEWARE! Hawaiian Tropic Baby Creme Sunscreen SPF 50 Is EVIL!


Okay, so the weather had been really awesome for the past few days, and having a redhead who burns and the oldest in danger of tanning himself into blackness I was rushed to find a sunscreen because they were begging to go outside. We try to do sunscreen AND coverage to protect their skin. I was at the grocery store already and a new Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen caught my eye. My assumption was that, if it is marketed for babies, it should be gentle and safe. Boy, was I WRONG!

I put it all over their faces, back of the neck, ears (behind the ears too), neck and under the chin. Then, they donned wide brimmed hats and ran outside. Within an hour, their cheeks were looking pink, which had me concerned, but for the wrong reason. I thought they were getting overheated running around. I called them in and had them take a break. Before my eyes, it got worse from there. They would have been better off with no sunscreen, getting a little burned! Russell's ears actually blistered and three days later, his cheeks are still inflamed and his ears are swollen and blistered.


I contacted the company (still have yet to hear from them) and am warning anyone with kids to be careful. If you have used this without incident, lucky you! I wouldn't wish this on anyone, much less any child.

In the meantime, check the right hand side of the screen.... under my "About Me" section, you will see a widget for checking your sunscreen. Currently (5/11/2010), they have the 2010 update still pending, but you can at least see what are safer options. Sunscreens are rated for effectiveness and toxicity. I am definately going to check this site before purchasing again. In the meantime, it's wide brimmed hats and long sleeves here!


Malta Property said...

My son had the same reaction but using a different cream.

Unknown said...

My daughter is having the same type of reaction. How long does it take to go away?

AlaskanBelle said...

I think it took about four days before the swelling/welts went down. His ears were very sensitive to burning for years after.

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