Monday, April 05, 2010

A Baby Arrives!

Well, I finally have a moment to reflect on the arrival of my third son: Lachlan!

Last post, I was praying that the labor would progress and I could avoid an induction. Well, the contractions continued to become more intense and closer together. I managed to have lunch which was an oriental chicken salad and look what the fortune cookie held...

At around 4pm, the doctor suggested I take a warm bath to see if that relaxed things. The nurse checked me before I got in and I was at 4cm and 95% effaced. My husband was there but realized, things were happening and suggested I call my doula so he could run home to alert the kids and his parents (visiting). My doula arrived just as I had gotten into the tub and my husband left. The contractions were intense and close, but being in the water was so nice. The doctor decided that the contractions were coming so quickly, that I had better get into the birthing room before I had the baby in the tub (being diabetic, they want me in a room and easier to work on if complications arose). So, the nurse checked me again, and in only about 45min I had dialated to 8cm and was 98% effaced.

It seemed like it took forever to walk to the room. The contractions were right on top of each other. Once I was in the room, I was so tired. I started laboring on my side, pulling my knees up to push. After a bit, I felt like kneeling would be better, so I knelt over the top of the bed so I could rest, and when I felt like I need to push, I could easily just shift into a squatting position. This position was really good. I believe strongly now that gravity, is a laboring woman's friend (go to "One With Child" for more illustrations and descriptions of labor positions). All of a sudden, things got really intense and I asked for the squatting bar so I could be in an squatting position to bear down. I couldn't believe how intense the urge to push was. No where near as painful as when I had to have pitocin, but far more intense. This time, they let my water break naturally, which doused my doula, who was attentively applying warm herbal compresses to my perineum to help avoid an episiotomy and lessen tearing (only needed a few stitches and healed far more quickly than an episiotomy).

Once my water broke, it was on! He was crowning and it was time to really push. I know I was being vocal at this point, saying it hurt, but that was the only way to describe it in that moment. I would say its more like a lot of pressure and a burning sensation. Not at all unmanageable. Chad was gloved and gowned and the doctor let Chad guide the baby out and deliver him! It was amazing! He had never done it before and I know it was an amazing experience for him. He also cut the cord. So they lifted him onto me and I got to meet him. He was so beautiful. Chad said he smiled within the first half hour and the nurse who checked him over after I had a chance to hold him, said that the tests she did (Dubowitz or Ballard Scale) he was more like 38-39wks. I felt vindicated. SEE! I TOLD you I was farther along!! ha!

It was the most amazing experience ever. I think this is our last baby, but I could easily have another if I could guarantee the outcome to be like this. I highly recommend a doula if you have to deliver in a hospital. She took really good care of me and made sure my wishes were adhered to. She has been a great resource and comfort during the postpartum phase as well. She brings me herbs to help the healing process and has answered all my questions I have had. If you have a midwife center in your area (finding a midwife), I recommend visiting even as you are just planning on getting pregnant, so that you can start your pregnancy off right.

So, here he is. Born at 6:55pm on March 3, 2010 at 8lbs 9oz 19 1/2 inches long. Lachlan Dale Bell....

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Marla said...

Oh he is soooo precious, "Belle"! And thank you so much for sharing your birth story- it made my evening!

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