Friday, May 21, 2010

I Have A Shutterbug

I have a touch of the photog in me. Mostly, they are hard won images that I almost mistakenly get. However, if I have time to play, I sometimes surprise myself. My hubby bought me a new camera to replace one I had for seven years and it finally busted. I am just getting to know this new machine and I am just loving it.

Today, the sun was out and flaunting itself, with temps around 60°F in the shade early evening. So, while Chad went off to work, I took the boys to the park for an evening stroll (they biked) and I took pictures. Then, after we got home, the sun was just right for some extreme close ups. I put the camera on mini-macro and held my breath.

Boys seem to be blessed with lovely long lashes that us girls just absolutely envy. So, I took pictures of their eyes with stunning results. I'm no pro, but I was pleased as punch with what I was able to capture. Tell me, what do you think?

Connor has such beautiful eyes. I think this was so stunning when zoomed in (click on picture for enlarged image). Again, the eyelashes are so long!

Again, LONG lashes! In this image, you can see the reflection of the camera in his eye.

Here is Russell's profile. I wish I hadn't cut his nose off, so it looked like Connor's. Oh well. This image reminds me of how his eyelashes would get tangled in the corners when he was a baby. Now THAT is a true sign of long lashes!

I couldn't get Russell to look at the camera like Connor had. I think he was feeling shy. Still, a cool shot I think.
Lachlan was dozing in his wrap, so it wasn't easy to get this shot. Still, again with the long lashes.
I am playing around and having fun. I'm going to post some on my Flickr account and see if anyone likes them. I don't want to pay $25 to share more than the free allotted MB so I can't post these until next month since I exceeded that with a few videos I shared with family through there. I hope to get them up soon though. In the meantime, there are a few shots I thought were neat, up there now.

I can see how it could be an obsession. Kids grow so fast, a parent feels compelled to capture their images often. Somehow, the image never really looks like them. The soul is definately not trapped, because it simply doesn't match the memory. Still, I'll continue to try, in the hopes that I will be able to look back on them and get the full affect, as if in their presence again, when they were small and dependent on me.

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