Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I have been in the hospital since February 23 due to pre-eclampsic symptoms. At first, I was hopeful that my blood pressure would normalize and I would be sent home in a few days. I cried when the doctor said no. The decision was that, I should remain until I got to 37wks (we are certain their dates are off and I am more like 38 as opposed to 36 wks and 5 days) and then induce. After being upset and frustrated with the news that I would have to be away from my family and confined to a hospital bed for two weeks, I reconciled that it was for the best.

Flash forward to now. I have been having contractions that are building in intensity and more frequent over the last two days. Which is wonderful, because, even if I still have to be induced the contractions are helping to prepare my body which will make for an easier birth. This morning, I have been having regular contractions and after having breakfast, I stood up to brush my teeth, and felt something odd. I went to the restroom to find I had passed my mucus plug. This has never happened before. My first two were induced births so I never got far enough to experience true early labor symptoms. It scared me a little, because there is blood, but after the nurse checked me, she reassured me that I was fine, it was normal and that all it meant was that labor was beginning (early) and that the passing of the plug could been labor anywhere from 24 hours to a week.

I am relieved and praying now that things will just continue to progress and I can avoid an induction. I am also anxious, because it has been so hard being here watching women come and go with their babies. I want to have my baby! I want to hold it in my arms and smell that newborn smell. I'm happy for each of the families that have come and gone since I arrived. There are happy sounds of congratulations and balloons floating through the halls. I here the tender cries of the new babies, learning how to tell their mommies they are hungry and I long to hear my own call to me. So I pray that as long as it is safe, mine comes soon. I am so excited to meet this one and introduce it to our family.

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