Friday, February 26, 2010

Adventures In Baby Making

So, I find myself typing on a rented laptop from a hospital bed. I am bound to this small room due to pre-eclampsic induced high blood pressure. It's tough to deal with. On one hand, you want to do the right thing and stay off your feet, relegating tasks to helpful family members while staying in bed per doctor's orders. Then, there is the extreme urge to "nest". You want to clean, organize and micromanage all aspects of your life and your family's so that it's all ready and prepped for the newest member.

Then, a glitch surfaces. Simple at home bedrest is no longer good enough. Now, my body rebels and I am ordered to the hospital to maintain the bedrest, and be monitored day and night. It's scary and frustrating. How can I just lie here and do nothing? I am in charge of bill paying, laundry, dishes, care of my diabetic five year old, lunches, kid schedules... the list goes on. Oh, but I have another child who needs me to stop, and take care of me. It's so hard, but so very necessary.

I had hoped, if I just comply for a day or two, the doctor would find that things would normalize and I would be able to go back home. I would figure out a way to manage from bed and with the help of my inlaws, maintain my home and care for my kids without stressing my body. Sadly, that would not be the outcome. The doctor was concerned that my blood pressure was staying high (150s/90s) and now there was protein in my urine (kidney's being taxed). I was going to stay until I went into labor or an induction was performed within a week. I was devastated. I cried. I understood it was for my own good, and to make sure baby was safely delivered. Yet, missing my family bustling around me and the smell of my home and sleeping next to my husband was just too much.

I took an hour long shower. I laid in bed. Then I went to the nurse's station and requested to be moved to a nicer room. I also asked about internet access so I would no longer be cut off from important things I needed to do, as well as for stress relieving entertainment. I had the room arranged so that I could reach everything fairly easily from the bed and called my husband to retrieve more items for the longer stay. One, was a pillow from home so I had something familier smelling. My youngest was thrilled to be invited to a slumber party and as we speak, he slumbers in the recliner next to my bed. I was visited by numerous friends and by the end of the day, my husband had procurred a laptop from a rental place. I feel better about being stuck. I just hope that this little one gets a head start and preempts the docs so that an induction is unnecessary.

Thank you to all my friends who have sent me words of encouragement, stopped by, helped with errands and just prayed for safety and swift recovery. I will attempt to figure out this computer so I can post pictures while medically incarcerated

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