Friday, January 15, 2010

The Body On Auto-Pilot

So, I have started having pretty intense Braxton Hick's Contractions lately that flat wear me out, make me pant and need to sit down. Which is good, my body is exercising of it's own volition and the more it does this, the easier it will be. Just wish it didn't have to slow me down so much!

I've also "dropped", and for those who don't know, that's when baby decides to turn south and get into the deployment position. Which is fine and dandy until the little nipper decides to kick me in the ribs and simultaneously drum on my pelvic bone. Ouch! Unfortunately, my sciatic nerve runs shallow in my lower pelvis and with a good jab from the littler boxer, it will literally put me up on my tiptoes. One gets beat up enough in life, without being knocked around from the inside! Oh well. Not too much longer.

So, the nesting phase has begun and I am cleaning and organizing a lot. If I could manage my husband's bigger power tools, I probably would be building shelves and storage drawers where I see the need. Heck, I would build the boys a decent bunk bed to give them more play room too! Drat this round cumbersome form I am trapped in! All in a typical day for a pregnant girl, nearing D-day.

1 comment:

blondie33 said...

Sounds like it won't be long Laurie!

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