Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Need Vigilante Justice!

Well, I had written a great post under the same title, and it seems to have disappeared. I would find it, copy and paste it into the page to repost it, it would be there for a few hours, and then it would be gone. I am starting to wonder if someone doesn't like my viewpoint on child molesters and the judges who keep releasing them to reoffend over and over again. So, I will try to rewrite it from memory now, since it disappeared for the fourth time and I have been unsuccessful at retrieving it. Bastards!

Have you had the opportunity to catch Dateline's series "To Catch A Predator"? They set up a sting and in three days, had over 50 sleazy, worthless scumbags show up looking to rape a 12-13 year old boy or girl (depending on the pervs preference). Some were violent repeat offenders who were suppose to be in "rehab" and "cured" while on parole. Obviously, the ignorant drivel of hobby psychologists is so wrong as to be criminal itself. In fact, if all crackpot psychologists and lazy judges, had to sit through a trial, where a pedophile was being charged for molesting one of their children or grandchildren, and endure hearing the judge sentence them to 5 years, with 3 suspended and 1 year probation and not feel the rage that I do, well, I would be very surprised.

Here is my suggestion for fixing the horrendous epidemic of pedophiles running, unchecked, throughout our neihborhoods preying on our children: If a judge is stupid enough to release a child molester who has countless victims (a true number is never determined because the one who gets them caught is rarely the first), and the perp reoffends (and they will!), the judge is then charged as an accessory to whatever crime they commit, disbarred from the bench and put into general public to serve time. I think that the first few judges to be charged will send a clear message: Take your job seriously and do it well or you will pay for your mistakes. I mean, if a bartender can be held responsible for continuing to serve an obviously intoxicated individual who later commits vehicular homicide, then why not a judge? When history has shown that someone is incapable of keeping their dirty, rotten hands off a child, then they should be locked in a dark, dank whole for the rest of their natural lives.

If anyone caused the kind of horrific damage that sexual abuse does, to either of my children (God forbid) I would hunt them down like the rabid, mangy, diseased animals they are and after causing excruciating and humiliating pain, kill them. Slowly. Painfully. I would do it and feel no remorse. Why? Because, if our justice system is unwilling to protect my children and yours, then I would have no problem doing that job for them. These worthless, subhumans have nothing to contribute to society but perpetually wounded children who are mere shells of their former innocent selves, broken and emotionally destroyed families, and many future child molesters. Because it creates an awful cycle of abuse, there are many out there, destined to follow in the steps of their tormentors.

So, now that I have worn out this soap box, who out their is going to step up and protect our world's children? Put the justice back in the justice system? Rid our world of a filth that is so evil, rehabilitation is not an option. Only death will truly rid us of this sickness. So, write your governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, even the president and demand the eradication of child molesters/rapists/killers.

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