Monday, February 27, 2006

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

My oldest son, Russell is pretty quick. I am surprised at how quickly children learn to articulate themselves. He is only 30 mos. and he says things like, "Thank you for showing me that." when I show him something new or his grandpa shows him what he is working on. If I am working on something and do not give my full attention, he will turn my face to him and say, "Look in my eyes. Give me attention!". I am amazed at how well he expresses himself.

My youngest son, Connor, is a little mimic. We had watched the movie Madagascar and during one of the menus, a character says a few phrases that are on a loop. We had forgotten to turn off the surround sound, so you could hear this character while we ate dinner. So, every few minutes you would hear the character say, "Get me out of here, right NOW!" and Connor would repeat, "Right NOW!" and then the character would say, " Anybody out there? Somebody?" and Connor would repeat, "Somebody?". Without fail he would repeat the same lines. Even with his mouth full. If I am reprimanding Russell, telling him now or calling his name, Connor will repeat me, with perfect tone and inflection. It is most amusing to get him to say slang phrases like, "Wassup?" he does it with the same growl and hanging out his tongue. He says, "Cool dude!" and "Awesome!".

My most heartstopping moment was a few days ago. If you have children, you know what I mean when I say the following. You know how when your child is babbling away to themselves while playing, and you don't really hear specifics? You kind of tune it out. I was reading to Connor, and in the background I hear, "... babble, babble, babble... DUMB F*CK... babble..." I whipped my head around and asked Russell to repeat what he just said. "I am playing with my DUMB F*CK mommy." He says with this innocent little voice. So, I had to ask him to repeat himself one more time. So, he says, "I am playing with my DUMB F*CK." and lifts up his DUMP TRUCK. Whew! I am just glad my MIL and/or SIL were absent during this little episode.

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