Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weighty Issue

Oh, the ever ongoing battle with... THE BULGE! I swear, I could eat onion sprouts and those cornstarch packing popcorn and run 50 miles a day, and when the sun set and I step on the scale, I would probably find I had gained 5 lbs.

Why? And don't give me that, "Your genes tell us you come from a long line of survivors and your body is made to withstand bouts of famine and extreme cold." Well, then why, oh genius of the body and it's wonderous secrets? When I attempt to go more than 20 minutes without ingesting some form of simple, processed and sugar coated food product, does my stomach think my throats been cut??

Okay, so, I am very sick of being a fat girl and not fitting into my clothes. So, I have decided it is time to take drastic measures. I do not over-indulge in sugary snacks, but I am fond of carbs. I walk every day for at least an hour, so I am not sedentary, but I do spend more time than I should, in front of this computer and Wednesday night I try to catch "Lost" or "Surface" (I also LUV "Grey's Anatomy" for that luscious "Dr. McDreamy"). I lost 20 lbs this summer and just hit a plateau. A very ugly and lumpy plateau and I would very much like to change the scenery. If not for myself, at least for my very loving husband. Everyone says, "Oh, you look good for having two kids only eleven months apart!" Wow. I can still feel the imprint of the back of their hand hitting me square across the jaw.

I have shared my woes with my boss and she suggested Weight Watcher. She, by the way, is a convert and looks fantastic. I think I am going to give it a shot. So, if I succeed, I will definately let you know. Then again, if I don't, I will probably come on here and bitch about it. I must say, drinking lots of water, eating more veggies and walking every day has helped my energy level, and I feel good. I just want my outsides to match how I feel on the inside. Lord help me! I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing Jabba the Hut!

I will post a pic of me everytime I lose a noticeable amount of weight, so I can see the difference.


Dann I. said...

Your picture sure looks familiar. You have other family in Petersburg?
Lived there for the better part of 20 yrs. 2 of my 4 kids were born there.
Sad but true, many of my friends and family there have passed away now. the elder Sakamotos, Hansens, Schwartzs and Katasses.
Framing pictures? You know artist Susan Christiansen?? If'n you do please share a howdy with her.
Cool blog,
Dann Irish

AlaskanBelle said...

Ya know, most folks say I look familier but don't really know me. I must have just a familier face.I moved here with my folks in 1994 the summmer before my senior year. My dad is... ahem... the current Chief of Police. Hope that isn't a bad thing for you. :) My brother's name is Iain. He is an artist in his own right. His webpage is: I know a few Katasses. Hansen? As in Arlene Hansen? She is my husband's Aunt. I do know who Susan Christainsen is. We carry a few of her pieces at the gallery. I haven't seen her in a while (then again, I don't get out much). If I see her I would gladly say hey for you. Thanks for stopping by.

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