Sunday, January 15, 2006

They Grow Too Fast

My sons, 28mos and 17mos, are becoming such wonderful little boys. I know, you are probably thinking (gee, what a surprise, a mother who thinks her kids are amazing). Well, they are.

They are always doing something funny and it is so much fun watching them discover the world and come up with ideas on why things work the way they do. My oldest is so sharp. He has special names for my folks: Bramma (grandma) and Dampa (grandpa). My husband just told me the best story about our oldest: My husband had just wrapped my son in a towel and was getting him his toothbrush. Out of no where, my son starts to fuss and with a very worried expression, asks his daddy, "Peepee gone! Where did it go?" My husband realizes, with the chill of getting out of the tub, it had retreated. So, he explained that it was hiding from the cold and that it was okay. This seemed to relieve him. I almost died laughing when he told me this. Then, this morning, my husband is changing him and didn't have a shirt on. My son points at his daddy's armpits asking, "What's that?" Daddy says, "That's my armpits." My son says, "I don't like them. Them too stinky. I don't want them." Oh, he is too funny!

My youngest loves to boogie. He gets down, literally. He will be swaying and rocking back and forth and slowly get lower and lower until he is laying on the floor. He laughs hysterically at himself (like his mama). He has started this cute habit of following either his daddy or myself around saying, "Hi(mama or dada)" over and over in a high lilting voice. You can't NOT pick him up and love on him when he does that. Yep, they are my life. I love them soooooo much. I had no idea how fun, terrifying, wonderful, agonizing, and heartbreaking it would be to be a mommy. If you aren't one yet (due either to age or stage of life) but hope to be a parent someday, I wish you the best of luck and hope you find out how amazing and neat it is. Also, that you are never cursed with hateful in-laws!

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