Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Chapter for Connor

Connor w/his new pump!
On Thursday (1/06) I took my six year old son Connor to Anchorage to get his new insulin pump set up and started. It was a big day, and while excited, both of us were nervous. He was worried it would hurt and I was nervous about a change to the carefully managed way we had been doing things since he was three. We had his Hemoglobin A1C perfect and were doing really well with the daily injections. Still, going from sometimes ten shots a day, down to one every three days is a huge improvement.

When the nurse finally got to the part where we insert the infusion set, Connor got a little pale and I was shaking a little. If this part hurt, then he could just refuse the whole thing, then we go back and I knew we would be better off pressing forward with this. The tighter control of blood sugars with the wonderful bonus of more freedom with his diet. How could we turn back? Imagine my relief when he giggled and said it tickled, when the needle went in, and came out, leaving the soft cannula behind. Whew!

So, we had the weekend to get used to it and do our first site change on Sunday and that went well too. I am so excited for him. He says he loves it and has named it Pumpy. Monday is his first day back at school and I am going in with him so I can prep the nurse and his teacher. I hope this is easier for everyone and not going to scare them. I have my fingers crossed!

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