Monday, September 13, 2010

Clicking My Heels: Nearing Home

Above Flathead Lake, Montana
What a long journey we have taken as a family. Full of discovery and adventure like I had never anticipated. We got under each other's skin from time to time, but being cooped up for days, driving endlessly would do that to the most sedate of people. Still, we managed and I think we have become closer as a family. I have endless pictures that don't nearly do justice to how beautiful and amazing our world is and how America is STILL, despite many attempts to the contrary, GOD'S country! I could not help but wonder at all the beauty and majesty around me and it just confirmed in my heart that this could never have been the result of accident and coincidence. I am going to share all of this with you in a few parts, because I came upon so many revelations, I had to take notes. Now, I realize I haven't many followers (guess I'm not as interesting as I assume! lol), so I will try not to be too long winded. And for those who are more visually motivated to at least skim a few lines, I will go heavy on pictures. Until I get settled once home (one day away!) here is just a taste of the fun we had!

L to R: Dad, Mom, brother Iain, Chad, Myself holding Lachlan.
Down front are Connor and Russell.

Here of course, is the whole reason for the trip. To see my folks, who sorely missed their grandsons, as well as extended family, not pictured.

Dad and Mom feeding Lachlan.
The boys were thrilled, hunting the tide pools of Bellingham, WA's shores.
My Three Sons and Husband
Muncho Lake, Canada

Time flies too quickly and I could have stayed for so much longer. I had fleeting moments where I pictured us moving to Montana. I wouldn't be hurt if we did. I guess I'm a cowgirl at heart, still.

Going on a hike up Columbia Mt. in Montana.

*Stay tuned for details and more pictures of our trip!

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Charlene said...

Can't wait to read all about it and see the pictures!! =)

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