Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Cannot Stand

I know I am not alone when I express feelings of outrage with our completely broken government system. I feel like the owner of a large undisciplined dog that is dragging me through the muck and I cannot gain control. At this point, not to be inhumane or anything, I just want to shoot it and put us both out of misery. So, why can't we all stand up collectively, WE THE PEOPLE, and say no:
  • I will no longer pay taxes to a government who spends MY hard earned money on ridiculous and overpriced items.
  • I will no longer pay taxes to fund a fat and greedy political machine that is all too willing to take and spend the money of the people, while raising their own wages and increasing their benefits exponentially. 
  • I refuse to fund the lavish lifestyle of long retired government employees, who did little to nothing to benefit our country while in office, much less now.

  • I will not bend to the will of a government who will so willingly harm our military by withholding funding for needed equipment, medical and salary, while they romance known terrorist countries. 
  • I will no longer be held to the laws of this government with regard to payment of taxes, until my voice is heard and I am allowed to review, each tax season, what my money will be going to pay and have a choice in where it goes.
Why can't we all do this? What could the government do? Will it turn into a policed state? Would our own government throw each and every wage earner in jail as an example? What would truly happen if we all stood up and cut off our mad government from it's money. Money we work so hard for, and the government has so little respect for. They spend as though they were teenagers who got a hold of an unsecured credit card and unlimited, unsupervised time at a mega mall. Well, checks are bouncing and still, no one is doing anything.

If you want to see exactly how careless with our money, congress is being, just take a look at the 2010 version of THE PIG BOOK. this online pdf (also available for purchase) is an eye opener to how stupid our government thinks we are and how little respect they have for us. Then ask yourself, "Do I want to continue to enable the spoiled brats in Washington?" What are you willing to do to stop those obese cats?

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