Saturday, September 05, 2009

Updates Galore

So, I have been decidely absent all this time due to a lot of stuff going on in our household. Some good, some bad. The bad was having the IRS drop the hammer without warning or allowing us time to work out a payment plan. We owe, but we have always gotten a letter saying basically that they received our return and to call to set up a payment. Nothing. Then one day, checks start bouncing and when I call the bank to ask what happened, I am told the IRS put a lean and took all our money. ALL OF IT. Then the checks bounced. I called and told them I had no prior warning. My last conversation I had with the IRS they had not yet received our income, but since it was in the mail, all was good. I told them they couldn't do that without giving us an opportunity to set a payment plan up, so they reversed the levy. That wasn't the end though. You see, $150 in fees for bounced checks were still there, then, the bank charged us a $100 fee which caused three more to bounce. Nice. Stress up to my eyeballs and I am scrambling to do what I can to fix our financial situation.

The one bright spot: I found out I was pregnant. Now, at first I was like "Oh no. We have no money and I need to look for a better paying job or get a raise!" but I realized, God has a plan for us. While it seems scary for the moment, at some point, there is always a break in the storm and we are always better having come through the weather. We are better prepared the next time things get shady and we are basically getting better every time. I wish it didn't have to take such an emotional toll every time, but I guess that is just me needing to have more faith and not let it get to me as much.

So, here is our little peanut's first picture!....

I am hoping to finally have a little girl. I have two boys as you may know and a girl would be fun. Besides, I need someone on my team! However, if I have another boy, I know I will be well taken care of. My two boys are so good to me and always are ready to defend me from daddy's pinches or tickes.

So, to conclude: there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to hold tight to your faith, knowing that there is something greater in store for all of us. Try to find the lesson in the hardships you are going through and use that time to become a better person by the end of the trial. Especially since, you don't want to repeat the experience and we all know, that if you don't learn the first time, you are doomed to go through it again at some point! All is not lost, even though it may be darkest before the dawn, the morning after a storm is always breathtaking and a sigh for the soul.

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